Nov 9, 2007

It rained today…

Yes…it rained today, I was so excited, and very happy that I was out, so I can witness the first drops of water.
I love winter, I enjoy it, with all of its feelings…it is hard to believe that, since I’m a person who likes to go out all the time, but still, I love winter, and I enjoy going out under the rain.

Now, I’m enjoying a song, an old one, it is called: “lail wi ra3d..” for Wae’l Kforry, I used to love this song, and now, I even love it more, cuz it reminds me with someone…some one I wish that will be a great part in my life.

Today is 9/11, and this year is the 2nd anniversary of the explosions in Amman, I just can remember this day as yesterday, I remember I cried, and went on crying. I was telling to myself, this is the safe Amman, how could they do it to us, many feelings were at that moment, anger, sorrow, fear, and definitely confusing…I just could not imagine who could do something as repulsive as this…I said to myself, yes I know the misery that our family in Palestine going through, yes we feel so sorry for the horrible things happing in Iraq and Lebanon, but sure…this is something different, it has been never expected, and once it took place, u started to call family and friends to be sure that they r safe, and no harm is done…and the story does not end here, u start to hear about this and that…dead…injured…lost someone dear..

Today, and after 2 years…we still feel the pain… but life goes on…goes on to show those ppl that Jordan is much stronger than what they think…and they’ll never scare our safe…beloved Amman…

Nov 1, 2007

I just don’t get it…

Two days ago, while I was sitting in my office, three cars had been involved in an accident, it looked that there were injuries, and cars were partially damaged. Cups, and ambulance came to the accident, and they started to move the cars, and get the ppl out of the car.
This is the 1st time to see an accident that close, and to keep updated with what happens, usually I just pass by it, feel sorry for them and walk away as fast as I can…what I really can’t get, is why ppl stop to watch and check the accident, even if they r on the other side of the street… they may even get out of their cars, and go to check it…I know that this is the right thing to do, if and only if, u r offering help, and no one is there to help, then it is a human obligation to help. But to stop on the middle of the street, to gaze at the seen, I just don’t see the benefit of that…on the contrary, they cause delay for other ppl, and there is a great possibility of another accident, due to the distraction…
I really wish ppl just mind their own business, especially when it comes to accidents like those.
The weather is starting to get better, tepm. Is dropping, and I like that.

The day before yesterday, was a very distinguished day, I saw her majesty queen Rania Al Abd-Allah. I saw her in person, she looks more than great, elegant, cute, and so ..royal…I also saw Koffe Annan, and took a photo with him….the great about this whole thing is that I got some action in my life…I guess I really needed it badly..

The last few days, big thinking about my career is occupying my mind, and still I did not make my mind about any thing.

I deactivated my facebook account for one week, to protest on having groups that hurt Religions, weather Islam, or Christianity….one week without facebook…I guess it is a good way to get clean from this addiction…lol… it is like going to a rehab.

I regret making the 1st move, I guess it was a big mistake, I feel sorry I did it, but what to say.. I guess it is one of life lessons.

Me and friends went to a uni-friend’s house…it was more than great to see old friends…get back to the old days.. recall all the fun…I think I talked about this before…so I’d better stop here.