Oct 6, 2009

One month had passed!!

Strange how our sense of days differs when it comes to tragic accidents. One month had passed on their passing away, yet I still feel so in pain, as if it was yesterday. Yes we are all trying to move on, but things will never be the same, we are still unable to believe it, to live with it, and get used to the horrible idea, that we all know is true.

Strange how death comes in a way that you never expect, it comes to ppl that you took their existence in your life for granted, and you never thought what your life would be if they are not there…and out of the sudden, it happens…and reaction is just un-controllable!!

I got use to the fact that Allah had decided to make our lives not easy, and being a believer, thanking Allah and accepting his decision for that is the only we do, but nevertheless, this time it reached even a higher level of hardiness, but again thanks to Allah, who tests the faith of his beloveds.

Loosing five of my family in that way was not that easy, a shocking devastating experience could be an even underestimating description to the experience we went through. But again we thank Allah because we trust his wisdom, and that he chooses the best for us, even if we don't understand how that could be.

It is raining outside, I used to think, it is not right to say that the sky is crying over someone who died, but when it happens now, the same day they died…I can't stop thinking, yes.. it is crying over my beloved family, and my only prayer is that May Allah rest their souls in peace, and give them forgiveness…and may Allah ease it on us, and give us patience and ability to forget and overcome pain and sorrow.