Jul 21, 2007

It is hard to live in a plus size body!!

For guys, I know it is hard to understand what I’m talking about, unless they looked at it from a female point view, which is I know not an easy thing to do.

I have been growing up, living in a plus size body, and writing this is not an easy thing to do, but I thought to write it down. I wont talk about how weight and height, affect the way ppl look at me, and think of me, cause this is not our issue here, but I’ll talk about how it affects me….

During the time of school, they used to reserve the last seat for me, since I was the tallest. I wished to be in the front seats, since I was a very good student, with high marks, polite, and so alert to what the teacher says…(in brief… an ideal student…)…but I could not…they wanted other girls to see!!

I hated transportation means, especially buses. The seats were so small, and I had to bend my knees in order to fit in, it was a great feeling when I bought my own car, since I had the luxury to fix the chair the way it fits me..:D

It was that day in the ergonomic lab. Where we had to measure up, and use the batch details to design a chair or a workstation, according to average and dimensions taken. Every one knew that those measurements belong to me, I hated the fact that every one was able to maintain her/his measurements classified, except me….

That day, there was this lady, she is a short one, and she tried to step up on a stair, so she reached me, she laughed and said: “poor kid, they said that u r arrogant( by the way I’m completely the opposite…most of the time) , but it seems that since u r taller than most of us, u had to bend and look from above down to them, that is why they think u look with arrogance)….I was like shocked…this is the 1st time I get the explanation why ppl say the I’m arrogant before they even know me.

I’m not saying that it is a disadvantage all the time, it is true that being tall, and over weight give me this older look, but that made ppl deal with me as an older person, more mature and even wiser than other, and I think that planted leadership in my character….and made me the person ppl ask for help and advice when they can not find the solution…..so I guess it is not that bad after all…..

We just have this tendency to DISLIKE!!!

I think since it is the time for weddings, and at least two or three weddings a week is the normal average in summer time, my ideas are so related to weddings…and here is one of them.

I find it so strange that we have this strong tendency to dislike every thing, every act, look, gesture people make. Wish that was all, we tend to criticize every thing. I find this behavior very obvious in weddings. In the wedding, we start it, and never end it…the bride, her gown, the groom, his suit, the hall, the car, their dancing, how much gold did he buy to her, and lots of things.

I’m not saying that I don’t care about that stuff, I do, but I don’t criticize. Whether they have shown great affection or not, whether they have danced a lot or not, whether they bought gold or even accessories. It is up to them, they can dance the way they wish (I enjoy the saying that you should dance as if no one is watching u), they can hug, kiss as they wish…it is there wedding after all.

The worst thing, when u go to a wedding, and there is buffet, if it was fancy, they would say…he is showing off, if it was not, they would say…what a cheapskate he is…and nothing will ever satisfy them…

It was just thought, I wish ppl stop criticizing others…. And start to think how they should improve themselves as a start….