Jul 6, 2008

No expectations, no disappointments, so why???

The worst characteristic I have is that I know the right from wrong, and still skip the good and stick to the bad!! I know I should eat less, exercise more, I know that I must have a better relationship with Allah and parents, I know I should work harder and smarter, and still I don't do what I already know.

Lately I became a strong believer in the saying "No expectations, no disappointments", and I started to work on that basis, expecting nothing in life. The problem is that it takes me only seconds to get hope back combined with the unwanted consequences including disappointments.

Sometimes I like the spirit I have, where I just give up so easy on losing hope, but the other times, I just wish that I stop expecting things from life, and most important….from people, and by that I save myself lots of troubles and pain.

P.S. I do hate people who let their children get their heads or bodies out of the cars while driving, I just can't understand how do they think? How could they imagine that by doing this they are making their child happy, and despite all of the warnings how dangerous this is, they keep doing it…strange and stupid!!