Feb 4, 2008

If you can control your temper while driving pleas tell me how…

Yes I need this help, how to control your temper while driving specially in Jordan. I just don’t get it, even though I’m a very cool person, calm in general, and not easy to be teased, I just can’t control my temper while driving.

Each day, when I go out from my home, I promise myself that I’ll stay cool whatever happens. But this promise, is one of the promises that I can’t keep (which is something rarely happens, cuz I don’t promise a thing I can’t do). I admit it, it is out of my control.

The worst thing in the whole thing, is that I love driving, I really enjoying having control over the car, going wherever you wish to go..just control your move, what you hear in the radio, to use the fragrance you wish for the car, to get the window down…raise it up…simple things…but it represent your control over the things…

I guess what makes it so hard to control yourself, is how stupid, arrogant, careless, rude, selfish and out of manners the people are. They just waste any chance to keep you calm and never lose your temper. I know that people do mistakes, and I don’t mind at all, after all we are human, and we make mistakes, this is out nature, and the truth I do make mistakes by myself, but unintentional, it is not a justification, but at least it decline all the characteristics of a intentionally bad driver.

And when it comes to driving in Jordan, you as a driver, should pay attention to the car next to you (both sides), the car in front of you, and the behind you for sure, the people crossing the crowded street suddenly (even thought there is a bridge, or a tunnel to use), and for sure, the holes filling the street.

I really hate the person I turn to when getting pissed by someone…I have to change, after all, driving is all about making decisions, and it will be a big mistake to expect that all the people will make decisions that work with me….but really I wish to stay calm, I should find a way….