Jul 30, 2007

ARE we going to stop asking typical questions??

Strange how we keep on asking typical questions, me myself ask typical questions, that is when I find nothing to say, nothing to talk about.

Whom do u love more?ur mom or dad? and if they r coming from another country, “which country do u like more, here or there?”, not to mention…who bought this dress for u..??would u give it to me…and the list goes on and on…

A typical question is asked for all the kids…: “what r u going to be when u grow up??” as if we know what we r going to be, or as if it was in our hands….and as we have typical questions…we have typical answers….” I want to be a doctor, an engineer…”

I dreamed of being a pilot…yes it was my dream to drive an air plane, but I guess, not every thing we wish for comes true. Being a pilot was my way of reaching the sky, I guess it is the literal meaning for cline dion song “I can fly…I can reach the sky….”. until now, I still wish to become a pilot, each time I get on a plane, I say I will go to the pilot cabinet, but I chickened out… I guess I don’t like my request to be rejected.
Many factors played role in not being a pilot, the strongest was the high cost for education, the physical requirements for this position, not to mention it is not that accepted for a girl to be a pilot. (up to an extent, even though I don’t care that much about what others believe.)

Flying will be one of my dreams, I guess one day I’ll save money, take lessons. on a small plane for sure……and fly….or...I can marry a pilot... and get the lessons for free:P