Oct 4, 2009

Even when we develop technology, we still lack the mentality…

Yesterday, I went to pay the tickets on my car, this is not the first time to go there, to say the truth, I like that department, since even though it is a governmental department, but yet, the service provided is good, and highly satisfactory.

Despite of my general satisfaction, I failed not to note something, which is even that we developed technologies, and we are using them, yet we fail to embrace the idea behind that development.

Entering the building, and knowing there is a queuing system, I headed to take a number, and I found an employee standing next to it, to give you a number, I thought, the system is made to reduce the human factor in the process, in a way that will cut costs and time, never the less, they dedicated an employee to do it, with an excuse that not all the ppl know how to use it. The system costs money, and it should be designed in a way that enables every one to use it, so if we need an employee to do it, why to pay such a mount of money for nothing in return??

At my work place, we have recently invested in a security system, that controls the entrance and exit of the building, this system had cost the institution hundreds of thousands, honestly. Today, in the morning, I came so early, and stopped at the parking gate, since they have not programmed the employees' cards till now, the gate would not open, until one of the guards come, and open it with his card, and I had to wait for him, just because we have no access cards to open it.

One last thing to say, there is no problem if you do not have it, but if you have it and you are not utilizing it, then it is a big problem, I could say it is a tragedy…it is never in the technology, it is in the mentality…we should start with how we think, then go to the part of doing things.

P.S.: i forgot to me mention that even though there was a queuing system, ppl chose to stand on line, lol...they just can not change the way they want thier things done!! so strange..so funny!!