Sep 1, 2007

Many things

Today I have many many things to talk about, I couldn’t wait until the weekend ends and get to office to write this post, I guess many things go in my mind and I just want it to be documented so in the future read it and think how days go by, or even look at the situation from another perspective, may be there is a msg and I could not get it at that moment. So here I’m, made my black coffee, sat on my chair and started to write.

The bride is my cousin….:D

The bride is my cousin, and yes I had many married cousins, actually few, but this is cousin is special to me. She is few months younger than me, so we had many things in common.

The sad thing is that I could not go to her wedding, since she is in the 48 lands, so, even if I managed to go to Palestine – which is easy to do for me- it would be still hard to get to the wedding, unless I had a passport…so I saved myself the trouble.

I called her to wish her happiness, and she told me how much she misses us, and that all of them there, uncle, aunts, and cousins…it is only missing us…this is not the 1st occasion to miss because of occupation, I missed the wedding of my cousin who was my best friend ( I guess I’ll write about this later), and we could not be at my grandmother’s funeral …..That’s all make me feel sooooooooo angry ….

But again…this time is to celebrats….so …Congratulations Cousin….wish you all the Happiness in the universe…and may Allah bless your life and family with love and pleasure.

I got my hair cut….:(

Finally, I got my hair cut, and I wish I didn’t….it has been months since I decided to get my hair trimmed, I know it is something silly to talk about, but it is a big thing for me, cuz I’m soooooooooo lazy when it comes to going out to make specific things, I just want to go out to hang out and stay out of home.

You know, I don’t like beauty saloons, girls stay in beauty saloons just talking silly talks, smoking, and calling names on each other, this thing irritates me, and I try to avoid going their unless I have to, and when I get there, I just want to get out ASAP.

El mohem…I got my hair cut…..and she succeeded in making a fool of me… lol…I went home with a urging need to cry…the wearied thing I did not…I guess I have changed, and nothing matters any more…ba3deen it is not the end of the world, it will grow up......eventually….

Sghereeih el dineee….

Yes., it is a very very small world, two days ago, I went to a friend’s engagement party, and yes I know this so usual, and nothing abnormal, the surprise was when I saw a girl from school there.

The truth, I never expected to meet her again, since I moved from the city I was living in (as if Jordan is that big), so we sat and talked checking the news of the girls…and WAW it just hit me that it has been 10 years since I left school…WAW…days r in a race…and yes they r winning…any way…Still, the story is not here, the party girl (if I can call her like that), was a girl in my batch, the funny thing is that she was in my third elementary grade….after that grade, I changed the school, the city, and the country…and as they say…days go by…and after years, we met in the university in the same faculty, same discipline, but we did not recognize each other, after 3 years of being together, I remembered her, and went to tell her that we were together in school, and finally she remembered me…the funny thing is that it took me 3 years to remember her…

In the party, a flashback of my whole life played in order, it is the elementary school and the competitive spirit, then, it is the secondary school, that was full of good times, then it is university time, were we got the 1st lessons in life…and the life of work (since my coworker is one of the batch girls)…so in brief …sgheriieh el dini…