Jul 23, 2007

Time passes by….

Yesterday I went to see my best friend, we have been friends for more than 11 years, being class mates was the beginning, then we traveled together, and relation got stronger cause as they say u get to know the reality of person when u travel with him/her. Thanks to Allah we still best friends, and I know that I can count on her each time I need to.

Life gets us busy, and every one gets occupied with his personal manners. Because of that, time passes and u don’t get the chance to meet a friend and hang together, u just get satisfied with the phone, email and sms…

My best friend got married 1.5 year ago, now she has this lovely girl…she is so cute. .ma sha2 allah ( I love kids by the way)…it has been a while since I saw her last time, and u know kids, they grow up very fast, so a week will make a big difference. So.. I saw her yesterday…u know when I saw her mother carrying her in coat ….. I was like…: “waw…time passes by…we just loose the sense of time…. I still have the feeling that we r kids playing in school yard…waw…time passes in an eye blink….”

After one month, it will be my 27th birthday; it is the time where I evaluate my whole year, what I have done so far, what goals I have achieved, what new things I have learned, and what plans I have for future. I have never thought that my 27th birthday will come while I’m still confused and lacking settlement in life…. I’m really confused…and enormous thoughts r flying in my head…I guess I have one month to make up my mind about many things….

I was looking for a pic to this blog…I found a freezed clock…I guess deep inside ourselves we wish to freeze time…or even to control it…. :D

Yesterday ..I cried…

It has been a bad end, for a nice day. Last night I went to sleep crying, it has been a while since I cried, I was feeling that I made a great progress in stopping myself from crying, but yesterday was a defeat for me.

I cry like a baby, worse, I cry more, every thing makes me cry….a sad memory, a crying baby, a seen in a movie, unhappy song…name it…a person with red eye…someone with a tear in his eye (even though I know it is an eye drop)…I cry…

I know it is healthy to cry (not all the time of course), it washes the eyes and the soul, not to mention how much it is good for heart, where u keep no hard feelings inside. But what I don’t like is the weakness that is so associated with tears, it just affects our image. I hate to look weak, but I can’t control my tears. More than once, I thought about going to a Doctor, to see if he can block the tear channels in my eyes so I don’t cry any more.

I cried yesterday, because I felt of injustice. Whatever I do for family and people, I never get credit, I know I should not wait for it, but still, it hurts that all of your efforts to please others are ignored, and never appreciated. It is not fair, to treat kids without justice. To prefer someone over the other, even the other is more committed to u…… that’s why I cried…..