Oct 1, 2009

The benefit of lacking luck...

I am not that type of person who complains about lacking luck in life, I keen on the believe that we make life, and not the opposite. Despite of that, I have to admit, that I know that I'm not a lucky person, but I really don't care about that.

No one is entirely lucky, it is always relative. Successful ppl managed to get advantage of their luck combined with their hard work. But some ppl are luckier than others.

Being unlucky motivates me to work harder, this is the way I like to think of it. Nowadays, I'm really going through a crisis of trust, even though I tried to re-trust ppl, and re-build the confidence in the goodness in them, but more and more I lost believe.

I have always believed that you should treat the ppl the way you wish to be treated, and what you offer today, you will be given to you the next day, but life had shown me lately that I have been mistaken, ppl just act according to their nature, regardless the way you treat them with, a mean person will always be mean, whatever you do to him, and a kind person will be kind cuz kindness is his nature. Changing ppl's nature is not an easy thing to do, it needs great efforts and endless patience, and yet results are rarely guaranteed.

Some ppl are just lucky, they offer nothing, yet receive lots of care and love. Ppl just offer them help, love, support and any possible delights to make their lives even easier. I guess even in that luck is not in my side. It is not like I'm claiming that I'm an angel with no mistakes, but I honestly know that I am not a bad person, I'm a friend that you can count on, a sister that you will always find next to your side, a girl that will forgive and pass on things to make life go on, and a person will always willingly offer you serious help even if you have hurt me before, despite all of that...no one is there when I need them, they are waiting for a silly mistake to be made and highlight it as if it is a crime, and forgiveness is not in their dictionary .

Thinking of that, I realized that the only one I should trust is Allah and the only ppl I should care about are my parents, and whenever I make something good, I will make to the sake of Allah and no one, nothing else. Allah will always be on my side, he will never let me down, and he is the only one I can trust and depend on this life. Luck will be affectless when it comes to relationship with Allah, we decide the shape and nature of that relationship, and I have decided to make it a strong one. May Allah help me, and be on my side.