Dec 22, 2007

Strange how we feel in holidays…

Each holiday I start to think that it is going to be special this year, I make a promises to myself, I will be happy, forget all about sad things in life and enjoy the holidays. But when holydays start, I find it same as the other days, with 2 differences, first is we don’t go to work (and this is the great thing about holidays) and the 2nd is u start to feel lonely and missing all the ppl u considered to be friends, lovers, and beloved ppl in your life. A usual thing to do in holidays is to set and think about your life, the meaning of it, and how far you got in it.

This Eid, I would describe it as different, not special, but different. My uncle came to visit us, he is my only uncle, and I admit that I love him. It has been almost 9 years since I saw him last time, and really I missed him.

The funny thing about my uncle is that he chose to stay away from civilization, to live in a village, while he can live in the city. To have a job that is made for uneducated person, while he has his degree. Up to now, I just can’t get what he is thinking of; I guess I’ll never understand his mindset.

Even though I was looking to meeting my uncle, but the feeling of loneliness still the overwhelming feeling in holidays…the only comforting thing is that I’m not the only one who has this feeling, many other do. Hope that next Eid feelings differ, wi kol 3am wi into bi kheer..