Jul 8, 2007

Happiness absolutely has no rules!!

Yesterday I went to one of my mom relatives’ wedding. The wedding was much below average. If I’m to evaluate according to my standards, it will be a complete failure.

As start, the hall …ummmm what to say…small, hot, the chairs were..yakkee…and the hostesses were so scary. The DJ was awful, I can do a very much better work than she did in choosing and playing songs. The bride’s gown was not that pretty, she was not wearing make up( and she is not a pretty at all), her hair was not that great, the groom’s suit was ugly, with his unexplainable tie!!

So what is the important thing here? Weddings differ, and I have gone to weddings that I did not like before, so why is that that important to talk about this wedding? It is the happiness that was showing at the faces of the married couple. They were like couple of birds, enjoying heaven.

They danced freely, having arms all around, with this big un-hidden smile, singing for each other. I have been into weddings much more expensive, more organized, beautiful gowns, suits, cars, girls and guys, a better DJ, and Diffidently a better service, but I missed happiness floating in the atmosphere. All the happiness in their eyes made me truly wonder, there are no rules for happiness, it is not money, beauty, education……nothing controls it, it is rule-less …

Another question popped-up into my head, are they going to maintain their love? Are they going to have this obvious affection for ever? I wish…I really wish to revive my faith in love, and social relationships…I do really wish them Good Luck.

I lied…L

I hate to lie, I can’t lie, but I lied…and guess what, I lied at my father!!..the most honest, ideal person I know. Some times, I disagree with dad, he is about 30 years older than me, which makes it a whole generation separating between us, not to mention, life has changed, it changes every day..and unless we try to adapt with it, we’ll be so exhausted…I just give up sometimes, trying to convince dad that life has changed, and that there is nothing wrong with the things we are doing being young people trying to enjoy life, and still not violating the rules we have been raised on…..he just does not listen.

I lie sometimes. I try to hide my face, I avoid eye contact as much as I can, I struggle to hide my childish smile that will un-cover my whole lie…and then- if I’m gone with it- I have to deal with the feeling of guilt…I hate that…I just wish I’d change and become a more better liar …I mean actor….

For you dad…I’m sorry…I wish I can say it to you directly…but I guess I can’t…even though it is a very …tiny…innocent lie….