Jul 26, 2007

Never expected that from u Monk….

I’m a good watcher for monk, I love this series, how the story starts, so vague…with few details, and woops…he finds the answer for the mystery. But that’s not all about Monk. I kind like him, sure not for the obsessions he has, he has something.. And strangely, I can’t specify it… I just can’t.

Monk has this phobia, (if I can call it like that) among many other, he hates any one to touch him, he cleans his hands if had to shake hands with others, he can’t stand any kind of dirt, not to mention he has his way in cleaning, and marinating hygiene.

Yesterday, I was watching this episode, something I never had expected, Monk is holding a kid in his arms, playing with him, shaking hands….doing this and doing that… so I was like…waw…even u monk…and that was not all…he wanted to raise up that kid ….for ever …I guess I never saw that coming…

I said before I love kids, they r sweet little angels walking on earth (not all of them sure), I feel thrilled when I hear their voices and laughs; I like nagging kids while driving, lol…I do it a lot…I like their un- understood words, their trails for walking, then falling at the floor…their way of eating, sleeping, running, painting, even having fights, their little fingers and toes, their sweet hand grab, their freshening hair smell….in brief…I like every thing about kids….

I know it is hard to raise a kid, but I guess the feeling that he/she creates inside parents worth the effort….Monk I can’t blame u …kids r absolutely irresistible….

I had a dream!!

Yesterday I had a weird dream, and this is not the point, since I have weird dreams all the time, and I ask for the explanation of it all the time…but the weird thing is that I dreamed that I was in a situation, and I was thinking about blogging about it…I guess blogging is part of my life right now…since it is clearly part of my dreams..:D