Jul 11, 2007

If you r busy..then I envy you!!!

I know that you may be surprised, but this is the truth, I envy busy people. It is the nature of human beings to complain all the time of being busy, and having a lot of work to do, for me it is exactly the opposite, I like to get busy, having lots of things to do, whether it is at work or in social life.

Getting busy keeps your mind away of thinking in the past, the future; it just keeps your mind in the current moment. The day passes very fast, and at the end of a busy day, u r thrilled with the feeling that you have been a productive person. But as they say, things do not always work the way u wish, when I graduated from university, I searched for a job that utilizes my skills, and enriches my knowledge, unfortunately, I got that job where I’m the manager of myself, I was so free to work or not, no one could understand my work, and ultimately, could not estimate the effort I do, or the time I need to do the job….in brief…I was working depending on my mood, which is -by the way-…so moody…lol.

I had changed my job lately, and unfortunately, I’m facing the same problem, even worse, work time is less, I have 2 days off, and during the week, I have nothing to do. My manager is always away, so I do whatever I like. So again I’m free.:(

After work, I try to get myself occupied with anything: gym, swimming, walking(alone to relief stress, and get ideas together) , going out with friends (if they r busy - they r most of the times-I go out with my sisters), going to parties with family...taking courses if possible, and searching for new things to do.

Many people say that don’t rush it, u’ll be busy one day…so enjoy ur free time…I guess I’ll wait that day…but until then, I’ll try to find more things to do….

I Love Dancing!!

Yes..dancing….I love dancing very much, I enjoy all the types of it…I consider dancing is a great way to revile your feelings and emotions. I like to think of dancing as an approach of sending messages without saying any thing. I enjoy watching couples when they dance together, the girl trying to seduce her guy, and the boy is trying to impress her, the greatest thing is going back and forth, with those looks and eye contact.

I like belly dancing in particular (cuz this is the type of dancing we really practice in the Middle East). Once, I had this dissection with a girl I knew, she was saying that she will have a classic band, to play classic music in her wedding, and there will be no dancing. As far, I had nothing to tell her, since this is her wedding, and she is totally free to do whatever she wishes…after all, it is her day. Then she added: “dancing is a stupid thing to do, it is just stupid, the moves, the way of dancing, and I believe that no one should dance unless he/ she is professional”. The truth I did not like her way in talking, I thought she was absolutely mistaken, since she missed the whole point of dancing, all creatures dance, including human being since ages…professionals, were found after practicing, and enjoying dancing for long long times…I don’t why I didn’t argue with her about that, I guess cuz I felt that she will stick to her point view…and I hate to go into arguments with ppl not ready to listen to the other point view and think about it before making their minds.

In weddings, I don’t participate in dancing, unless it’s a relative’s, a friend’s wedding. I have these perquisites and ceremonies for dancing that include dressing up, wearing make up, with hair allover shoulders and laude music playing in the background. After each party, and when I get back home, I play some music and start to dance…I can go for hours and hours…watching my hair in the mirror and imagining my couple dancing with me…lol…I guess this can be called stupidity….