Jul 31, 2007

Sorry…but I don’t feel sorry..!!!!!

It is not like I’m heartless, but I don’t feel sorry for handicapped ppl. I just can’t find a reason to feel sorry for them, and have this sympathy to them, yes I know they r facing troubles in life, but who doesn’t??

My point here, is that God takes something, and gives another instead. I have met many handicapped ppl, and I dealt with them, and u know what…they were so special, I’m not saying that cuz I had low expectations, at the contrary, I had the same expectations for a regular person. They were special because they have things regular ppl don’t have, and they excel in the thing they r doing….

The another thing I noticed, they hate to know that u pity them, they refuse to be considered less than other, and I agree with them , cuz they r never less.

I can’t explain it, I don’t know why am I writing this, but this thought has been going on my head …I guess it is hard to say it, it is not easy to explain, not easy to be understood. I think I need to thank God, there is a blog where I can write what I need to say…