Jul 28, 2007

If I get the chance to control something …. I would choose…

My foot size is the thing I wish to control…yes my foot size….I know it may look so silly to think in this way…but I really face a problem because of my foot size.

Growing up, my foot size was larger than any other girl, so the problems to find the right shoes started so early, I had to buy shoes that are designed for an older lady. Later, I was so limited to certain models, colors, and designs…

I enjoy buying shoes….it is a pleasure of mine to search for new shoes.. mom says that I’m a shoe collector ..:D…I buy them…try them…find them un-comfortable…then keep them for a while…..then give them to charity….actually while I’m purchasing them…I know what life cycle they’ll have with me…:D

Having the same color of shoes, same design, is a case that I find myself in very often…I just can’t resist buying a shoe that fits my foot…since it is rare to happen. once I found these shoes that are bigger than my foot, my happiness was un-describable, I was extremely thrilled...poor me:P….

Sometimes I thank God that I have these big feet, I guess it is un-optional way to save money…and stop my un-controllable addiction….:D….lel lah fe khalqehi sho2oon….

If you can’t say sorry…I can’t tolerate you…!!

Yes, that’s right, it is important for me to know that you can say sorry, it will make no difference to you to admit your fault….there is nothing to be shame of, we r all human being, it is in our nature that we make mistakes, and there is no problem with that, the real problem is when we wont admit that we are mistaken.

Is it that hard?? Haven’t you ever thought that it is the opposite’s right to get an apology when one of his/her rights is violated?? Do you think it is a sign of weakness when you say sorry?? Do u believe that only weak ppl say sorry….no dear…FYI…only dare people say sorry…it is needs a great guts to admit your mistake…and without taking this step…ur problem will always stand in your face….

I don’t mind saying sorry…it is a great relief.. it is the magical word that can heal the wounds we may cause un-intentionally to ppl we love… and believe me, it is a master key to solve problems, especially if it is used in the right way….at the right time, with the right person….

For those who can’t say sorry…the only way is not to make any mistake…if u can do that…I guess you can remove the word SORRY from your dictionary…..other else…I can’t tolerate dealing with you…!!