Jul 31, 2007

Sorry…but I don’t feel sorry..!!!!!

It is not like I’m heartless, but I don’t feel sorry for handicapped ppl. I just can’t find a reason to feel sorry for them, and have this sympathy to them, yes I know they r facing troubles in life, but who doesn’t??

My point here, is that God takes something, and gives another instead. I have met many handicapped ppl, and I dealt with them, and u know what…they were so special, I’m not saying that cuz I had low expectations, at the contrary, I had the same expectations for a regular person. They were special because they have things regular ppl don’t have, and they excel in the thing they r doing….

The another thing I noticed, they hate to know that u pity them, they refuse to be considered less than other, and I agree with them , cuz they r never less.

I can’t explain it, I don’t know why am I writing this, but this thought has been going on my head …I guess it is hard to say it, it is not easy to explain, not easy to be understood. I think I need to thank God, there is a blog where I can write what I need to say…

Jul 30, 2007

ARE we going to stop asking typical questions??

Strange how we keep on asking typical questions, me myself ask typical questions, that is when I find nothing to say, nothing to talk about.

Whom do u love more?ur mom or dad? and if they r coming from another country, “which country do u like more, here or there?”, not to mention…who bought this dress for u..??would u give it to me…and the list goes on and on…

A typical question is asked for all the kids…: “what r u going to be when u grow up??” as if we know what we r going to be, or as if it was in our hands….and as we have typical questions…we have typical answers….” I want to be a doctor, an engineer…”

I dreamed of being a pilot…yes it was my dream to drive an air plane, but I guess, not every thing we wish for comes true. Being a pilot was my way of reaching the sky, I guess it is the literal meaning for cline dion song “I can fly…I can reach the sky….”. until now, I still wish to become a pilot, each time I get on a plane, I say I will go to the pilot cabinet, but I chickened out… I guess I don’t like my request to be rejected.
Many factors played role in not being a pilot, the strongest was the high cost for education, the physical requirements for this position, not to mention it is not that accepted for a girl to be a pilot. (up to an extent, even though I don’t care that much about what others believe.)

Flying will be one of my dreams, I guess one day I’ll save money, take lessons. on a small plane for sure……and fly….or...I can marry a pilot... and get the lessons for free:P

Jul 29, 2007

We like to hear it…we like to believe it….

Strange how like to hear complements, and then we believe it and start to act according to it. It is our nature to do so, and even if we tried to fight this tendency we fail and sometimes just give up.

Me is no difference than other, I like to hear complements, I try to control the feeling of happiness to stay humble, but I can’t hide the thrill I feel when hearing good stuff about me.

That day, I was sitting with a friend of my sister, she asked me to tell her about the person I have in my life, I tried my best to convince her that I have no one in my life, and never have, but my efforts went with the winds. She has this believe that I’m a big liar when it comes to this issue. Her point of view, that I have this personality, where I socialize with many people, with different levels, and in different ways, being successful in life, work and having a good look are the main reasons for not believing that I’m not in love. She also added, that guys may be intimidated by my strong personality, and since I’m a special person, I deserve a special soul mate, and this is not easy to find….I kind liked that….since it agrees with my feeling that I have limited options in life..(I may talk about that later).

I started to mention the weakness I have, may be I wanted to find justifications, I even tried to convince myself with it before convincing her. To tell you the truth, I enjoyed hearing complements, and yes…I couldn’t fight the temptation of believing them….it is enjoyable to hear that u r a good person, specially when it comes from a person that waits nothing from u, and no benefits will gained from saying what has been said.

It is killing me….

That’s it…it is killing me over and over, today I absolutely did not want to come to work, I cant bear it, it is all over, making me nervous with this red face, willing to fight with any one, not to mention my way in driving, I turned to be one of the idiots I wish they distinguished from the streets…
Yesterday I could not sleep, took more than three cold showers, and yet …I can’t sleep because of it…I feel my ideas scattered, nothing can save me from this.. ..no…there is something…yes…something we used to have…unfortunately it is not there any more…God….why don’t we have AC….this heat is killing me……..eh eh eh

I can’t wait till the end of the day……. I need to be in the pool….when is it going to be 6:30??

Jul 28, 2007

If I get the chance to control something …. I would choose…

My foot size is the thing I wish to control…yes my foot size….I know it may look so silly to think in this way…but I really face a problem because of my foot size.

Growing up, my foot size was larger than any other girl, so the problems to find the right shoes started so early, I had to buy shoes that are designed for an older lady. Later, I was so limited to certain models, colors, and designs…

I enjoy buying shoes….it is a pleasure of mine to search for new shoes.. mom says that I’m a shoe collector ..:D…I buy them…try them…find them un-comfortable…then keep them for a while…..then give them to charity….actually while I’m purchasing them…I know what life cycle they’ll have with me…:D

Having the same color of shoes, same design, is a case that I find myself in very often…I just can’t resist buying a shoe that fits my foot…since it is rare to happen. once I found these shoes that are bigger than my foot, my happiness was un-describable, I was extremely thrilled...poor me:P….

Sometimes I thank God that I have these big feet, I guess it is un-optional way to save money…and stop my un-controllable addiction….:D….lel lah fe khalqehi sho2oon….

If you can’t say sorry…I can’t tolerate you…!!

Yes, that’s right, it is important for me to know that you can say sorry, it will make no difference to you to admit your fault….there is nothing to be shame of, we r all human being, it is in our nature that we make mistakes, and there is no problem with that, the real problem is when we wont admit that we are mistaken.

Is it that hard?? Haven’t you ever thought that it is the opposite’s right to get an apology when one of his/her rights is violated?? Do you think it is a sign of weakness when you say sorry?? Do u believe that only weak ppl say sorry….no dear…FYI…only dare people say sorry…it is needs a great guts to admit your mistake…and without taking this step…ur problem will always stand in your face….

I don’t mind saying sorry…it is a great relief.. it is the magical word that can heal the wounds we may cause un-intentionally to ppl we love… and believe me, it is a master key to solve problems, especially if it is used in the right way….at the right time, with the right person….

For those who can’t say sorry…the only way is not to make any mistake…if u can do that…I guess you can remove the word SORRY from your dictionary…..other else…I can’t tolerate dealing with you…!!

Jul 26, 2007

Never expected that from u Monk….

I’m a good watcher for monk, I love this series, how the story starts, so vague…with few details, and woops…he finds the answer for the mystery. But that’s not all about Monk. I kind like him, sure not for the obsessions he has, he has something.. And strangely, I can’t specify it… I just can’t.

Monk has this phobia, (if I can call it like that) among many other, he hates any one to touch him, he cleans his hands if had to shake hands with others, he can’t stand any kind of dirt, not to mention he has his way in cleaning, and marinating hygiene.

Yesterday, I was watching this episode, something I never had expected, Monk is holding a kid in his arms, playing with him, shaking hands….doing this and doing that… so I was like…waw…even u monk…and that was not all…he wanted to raise up that kid ….for ever …I guess I never saw that coming…

I said before I love kids, they r sweet little angels walking on earth (not all of them sure), I feel thrilled when I hear their voices and laughs; I like nagging kids while driving, lol…I do it a lot…I like their un- understood words, their trails for walking, then falling at the floor…their way of eating, sleeping, running, painting, even having fights, their little fingers and toes, their sweet hand grab, their freshening hair smell….in brief…I like every thing about kids….

I know it is hard to raise a kid, but I guess the feeling that he/she creates inside parents worth the effort….Monk I can’t blame u …kids r absolutely irresistible….

I had a dream!!

Yesterday I had a weird dream, and this is not the point, since I have weird dreams all the time, and I ask for the explanation of it all the time…but the weird thing is that I dreamed that I was in a situation, and I was thinking about blogging about it…I guess blogging is part of my life right now…since it is clearly part of my dreams..:D

Jul 24, 2007

DAD.....thank U

When it comes to thanking you dad, I think of million of things I can thank u for, your care, continues concern, unlimited giving….and the list can go on and on…
Today, I’m thanking u for raising me with good manner. Thanks cause u planted in me loving others, helping them whenever it is possible. U were a great example for me, no one ever complained from u, since u never hurt any one.

Going in different situations in life made me realized that ur way in raising us taught us how to stick to the right side, fight for our believes and ideas, never commit a mistake, even if every one is doing it.

Dad…thanks for ur good genes…. (I forgive u for the bad ones), I’m proud of my ability to stay calm and never lose a temper, I enjoy that I’m a great believer in destiny, which most of ppl claim they believe in it, but once they r truly tested…they worthily fail.

I’ll always appreciate giving me the right to make decisions in my life, giving me freedom after showing me the right way….in a world were a female is to obey rules…and take orders…

Thanks dad for bearing me, my unfinished requests, my slips and mistakes….thanks for being such a great tauter …and above all…THANKS FOR BEING MY DAD. LOVE U DAD

P.S. I wrote this while I was so upset of my dad, but still I can’t stop admiring him.
another P.S. i wrote this blog cuz i'm proud of dad, not myself(even though i'm)

Finally…she is in love…but….

She is new in her work, still checking the people around. She’ll never forget that day, sitting in her manager’s office and here he passes. He was the one she was dreaming about all the time, she never felt like that toward any one, all the guys she met were kids to her, but his one…he is the man of her dreams….

She never believed in love from 1st sight, she thought people talking about that are silly and so shallow….how do they think?? Love is not about how u look, it is much more than that…so how could she?? And she is the one laughing at others’ stories…..now she is sure…feelings are never controlled…..

“Waaw…he entered the office, defiantly he is not a model, he is not pretty, but he sure knows how to make her heart illogically jumps, she is plashing, she can even feels the heat in her face…her whole body…and the worst thing.. she can’t hide this obvious spark in her eyes…..he says hi, welcomes her in the company…asks her typical questions…and she answers with this weak…trembling voice…..she knew at that time she is in love…..

Her manager: “Mr. M, u have gained weight!!”
Her love: “yah man….it is marriage (bragging) ..u know…newly wed”……WAW….what a shock…it took her a while that is not short to get back from far away thinking…..her hopes went away with the winds….

Days passe by…..they are getting good friends, and even though she does not agree with very essential thoughts he holds… she enjoys talking to him, spending time with him, her happiness can’t be measured when he shows interest in her, she even does her best to get his attention…and gets him like her even more.

There was no way to hide her feelings; her big, un-erasable smile always exposed her … her plashed face, and the way she fixes her look, perfume, and make up before going to him…were so clear, a blind can see them….she is entirely attracted to him……

Deep inside…she knew she does not have the right to love him, it is a love from one side, even if it was from both sides…it is not her right….nor his…he has a family now…..

Going through upsides- downsides ….she lived her life, struggling the inner feeling of guilt…she has to be able to control her feelings, she is a strong person, never been weak…….but she never could….she decided to control her acts…..

Three years later, she left her job, a job that one factor to stay in, is to keep close to him, see him every day and hear his voice…she even hated to wear green, cause when she does, she doesn’t see him that day….she decided not to wear green….

She is away now….but still compares each guy with him, has this fantasy dreams about dancing with him and being held in his arms. Her heart still starts to beat in a bloodcurdling way when she sees his name calling her on mobile….she still wants to call him for the silliest reason…. And then she thanks God she was able to hold herself and never call….

Her prayers are: “Please God, give me strength, and let me get over this….Please God…give me strength to do the right thing…and never hurt any one…including myself”…..

Jul 23, 2007

Time passes by….

Yesterday I went to see my best friend, we have been friends for more than 11 years, being class mates was the beginning, then we traveled together, and relation got stronger cause as they say u get to know the reality of person when u travel with him/her. Thanks to Allah we still best friends, and I know that I can count on her each time I need to.

Life gets us busy, and every one gets occupied with his personal manners. Because of that, time passes and u don’t get the chance to meet a friend and hang together, u just get satisfied with the phone, email and sms…

My best friend got married 1.5 year ago, now she has this lovely girl…she is so cute. .ma sha2 allah ( I love kids by the way)…it has been a while since I saw her last time, and u know kids, they grow up very fast, so a week will make a big difference. So.. I saw her yesterday…u know when I saw her mother carrying her in coat ….. I was like…: “waw…time passes by…we just loose the sense of time…. I still have the feeling that we r kids playing in school yard…waw…time passes in an eye blink….”

After one month, it will be my 27th birthday; it is the time where I evaluate my whole year, what I have done so far, what goals I have achieved, what new things I have learned, and what plans I have for future. I have never thought that my 27th birthday will come while I’m still confused and lacking settlement in life…. I’m really confused…and enormous thoughts r flying in my head…I guess I have one month to make up my mind about many things….

I was looking for a pic to this blog…I found a freezed clock…I guess deep inside ourselves we wish to freeze time…or even to control it…. :D

Yesterday ..I cried…

It has been a bad end, for a nice day. Last night I went to sleep crying, it has been a while since I cried, I was feeling that I made a great progress in stopping myself from crying, but yesterday was a defeat for me.

I cry like a baby, worse, I cry more, every thing makes me cry….a sad memory, a crying baby, a seen in a movie, unhappy song…name it…a person with red eye…someone with a tear in his eye (even though I know it is an eye drop)…I cry…

I know it is healthy to cry (not all the time of course), it washes the eyes and the soul, not to mention how much it is good for heart, where u keep no hard feelings inside. But what I don’t like is the weakness that is so associated with tears, it just affects our image. I hate to look weak, but I can’t control my tears. More than once, I thought about going to a Doctor, to see if he can block the tear channels in my eyes so I don’t cry any more.

I cried yesterday, because I felt of injustice. Whatever I do for family and people, I never get credit, I know I should not wait for it, but still, it hurts that all of your efforts to please others are ignored, and never appreciated. It is not fair, to treat kids without justice. To prefer someone over the other, even the other is more committed to u…… that’s why I cried…..

Jul 22, 2007

We love old songs, why??

When I was so young, I couldn’t understand why old people( parents, relatives, teachers…name it) love old songs, Fayrooz, Om Kalthoom, Abd el Haleem, and many others. I know that you maybe saying thousands of reasons in your head: it is the real art, the good music, the sweet voice, the meaningful lyrics ..etc…

For me, I guess it is not those reasons for loving those songs, since there are very nice, sweet new songs, and with time passing, we change, and so our taste. Growing up, made me realized, that we love old songs, for the sweet memories they have, for the time stage we were living in, for the people were in our lives at that time.

I enjoy hearing old songs, there was this song: “Mariam maryamtee…3enee mariama…”, it was in the late 80’s as I think, I used to hear it daily, and even though my name is not mariam, but I liked to think he was singing to me, so I used to go to the roof(el sate7) and start to dangle my hair, similar to what he is singing…strange I’m smiling right now just because of thinking of it…

In my new job, there is a girl, she played old songs on her PC, so. I was like the one who found a treasure… “plz….can u give them to me…. Sure..no problem…” and since then I start my morning with those beautiful songs….now I’m listening to .. “nattarne..nattarnee 3ala el shebaak…”

Jul 21, 2007

It is hard to live in a plus size body!!

For guys, I know it is hard to understand what I’m talking about, unless they looked at it from a female point view, which is I know not an easy thing to do.

I have been growing up, living in a plus size body, and writing this is not an easy thing to do, but I thought to write it down. I wont talk about how weight and height, affect the way ppl look at me, and think of me, cause this is not our issue here, but I’ll talk about how it affects me….

During the time of school, they used to reserve the last seat for me, since I was the tallest. I wished to be in the front seats, since I was a very good student, with high marks, polite, and so alert to what the teacher says…(in brief… an ideal student…)…but I could not…they wanted other girls to see!!

I hated transportation means, especially buses. The seats were so small, and I had to bend my knees in order to fit in, it was a great feeling when I bought my own car, since I had the luxury to fix the chair the way it fits me..:D

It was that day in the ergonomic lab. Where we had to measure up, and use the batch details to design a chair or a workstation, according to average and dimensions taken. Every one knew that those measurements belong to me, I hated the fact that every one was able to maintain her/his measurements classified, except me….

That day, there was this lady, she is a short one, and she tried to step up on a stair, so she reached me, she laughed and said: “poor kid, they said that u r arrogant( by the way I’m completely the opposite…most of the time) , but it seems that since u r taller than most of us, u had to bend and look from above down to them, that is why they think u look with arrogance)….I was like shocked…this is the 1st time I get the explanation why ppl say the I’m arrogant before they even know me.

I’m not saying that it is a disadvantage all the time, it is true that being tall, and over weight give me this older look, but that made ppl deal with me as an older person, more mature and even wiser than other, and I think that planted leadership in my character….and made me the person ppl ask for help and advice when they can not find the solution…..so I guess it is not that bad after all…..

We just have this tendency to DISLIKE!!!

I think since it is the time for weddings, and at least two or three weddings a week is the normal average in summer time, my ideas are so related to weddings…and here is one of them.

I find it so strange that we have this strong tendency to dislike every thing, every act, look, gesture people make. Wish that was all, we tend to criticize every thing. I find this behavior very obvious in weddings. In the wedding, we start it, and never end it…the bride, her gown, the groom, his suit, the hall, the car, their dancing, how much gold did he buy to her, and lots of things.

I’m not saying that I don’t care about that stuff, I do, but I don’t criticize. Whether they have shown great affection or not, whether they have danced a lot or not, whether they bought gold or even accessories. It is up to them, they can dance the way they wish (I enjoy the saying that you should dance as if no one is watching u), they can hug, kiss as they wish…it is there wedding after all.

The worst thing, when u go to a wedding, and there is buffet, if it was fancy, they would say…he is showing off, if it was not, they would say…what a cheapskate he is…and nothing will ever satisfy them…

It was just thought, I wish ppl stop criticizing others…. And start to think how they should improve themselves as a start….

Jul 17, 2007

I hate when people give instructions..!!!

I hate it when people give instruction, whether you need it or not, whether they know what they are talking about or not, they just like to talk and talk, so they make u feel: “what the hill I have done, so u got the idea I can not do it right??”

I am not saying that we should not listen to what others think; on the contrary, it is very good to take an advice, I even ask for it, but that when I know that I need it. That day, I was in a wedding party…there are those ladies, who serve at the party, and the photographer, not to mention gussets…all of those people, they start to tell the bride, the groom how to move, act, take pictures, dance, smile…even how to look at each other…GOD…it is not your business guys…they r free to do what they wish…as if u all had the best moments, and you r experts when it comes to weddings and parties…ifff…

Please mom excuse me for saying the following…I do know that u wish me the best, and that u want to teach me every thing u know, so I’ll be perfect in doing things, but please get the idea that I have grown up, I’m old enough to do thing in my way…choose what to wear, where to hang out, with whom, what to eat, when, what to watch, when to wake up and sleep..…for God’s sakes…I’m a manager, they take my opinions in sensitive, critical issues…..and I have managed to be a successful person in this life…so why don’t u believe in me, and just admit it that I can depend on myself……please mom know…I’ll never give up on ur advices, I’ll always need them, and be sure…I’ll ask for them… so plz.....believe in me...love u mom

I have been known with my smile….

This is the 2nd time to meet someone from my university, in batches other than mine. She is a girl that is one year older than me, and now we work together in the same organization. I knew her, just by her look, never talked to her. So we were talking, and then she said: “I knew u before, I used to know u because u always smiled”…. I was like: “ ah wallah!!! U know me by my smile?” to tell u the truth I was happy of that….it made feel that I can be noticed by my acts more than my look.

As I said, this is not the 1st time, I once met this guy, 1 year younger than me, and he used to study in my college, he told me the same thing. I guess I have this charming smile, that people can not forget…lol…(so humble, right??)
Many things can make me smile, a pretty cat in the street, a kid’s laugh, beautiful rose, a song I like, an email/call from a friend…name it any silly sweet thing can draw a smile on my face….and I feel that it is very healthy to smile, even if things are not working the way they should…

Two months ago, I have this new job, people here don’t laugh, they just don’t, I feel so odd when I smile, any way…one morning, the guy on the reception, stopped me and asked: “can I tell u something?”.
Me: “plz…. go ahead”
him: “u started working here with this smile, in the morning, afternoon, and each time u pass by, but now, the smile is gone, I guess I can say that u r an official employee in our institution.”
Me: “shocked- trying not show that I agree with him- no no…it is only the hot weather.”
Him: “I wish….”
Me: no …I’m sure…u’ll see…and went away with this artificial smile on my face….

I couldn’t stop myself from thinking of what he said, it is true, I stopped smiling the way I used to do, one factor was that I have this feeling that I don’t really fit here, I haven’t made any friendships, and I guess I will not be making any in the near future, even though I’m a person who lives by socializing with ppl…I guess. I feel so lonely….that is the reason why I lost my smile….I guess I have to retrieve it…whatever this takes …I’ll fight till I get it back…J

Jul 16, 2007

I wonder why tend to compete??

I guess that this post is going to meaningless, I can’t get the ideas that organized, but still…I guess it is better to write it than to just stay wondering about it….

I just can’t get it why we tend to compete? We compete in every thing, we r eager to be the best, the prettiest, the richest, the fastest, the youngest…..etc.

That day I was swimming in the pool, then I started to compete with the girls who wins the race, and yes…I won each time, whoever was the girl (not like I’m so fast, but they were sooooo slow)... it was an overwhelming feeling…the feeling of victory…

That night, I was driving, and there was this guy…having a Cadillac 4*4, it was just a look, then we started to race, it was such a hilarious situation, me in my sweet DAEWoo…and him in his giant powerful car, he started to laugh, and my eyes were filled with laughing tears….but the point is that I won the race…(I know it is unexpected ..but I did…thanks to the car in front of him)…and I was like…feeling very blissful…

Girls tend to compete in many things, I just like it when two or more start to compete in dancing to show who is the best in dancing…they just go on and on the show that she is the best…I guess it is in the unconscious mind that we compete to show how feminine we r, just like men when they start to wrestle, to know who is the strongest…and show that he has this manhood…
I just was wondering…I guess I’ll keep wondering…

Jul 11, 2007

If you r busy..then I envy you!!!

I know that you may be surprised, but this is the truth, I envy busy people. It is the nature of human beings to complain all the time of being busy, and having a lot of work to do, for me it is exactly the opposite, I like to get busy, having lots of things to do, whether it is at work or in social life.

Getting busy keeps your mind away of thinking in the past, the future; it just keeps your mind in the current moment. The day passes very fast, and at the end of a busy day, u r thrilled with the feeling that you have been a productive person. But as they say, things do not always work the way u wish, when I graduated from university, I searched for a job that utilizes my skills, and enriches my knowledge, unfortunately, I got that job where I’m the manager of myself, I was so free to work or not, no one could understand my work, and ultimately, could not estimate the effort I do, or the time I need to do the job….in brief…I was working depending on my mood, which is -by the way-…so moody…lol.

I had changed my job lately, and unfortunately, I’m facing the same problem, even worse, work time is less, I have 2 days off, and during the week, I have nothing to do. My manager is always away, so I do whatever I like. So again I’m free.:(

After work, I try to get myself occupied with anything: gym, swimming, walking(alone to relief stress, and get ideas together) , going out with friends (if they r busy - they r most of the times-I go out with my sisters), going to parties with family...taking courses if possible, and searching for new things to do.

Many people say that don’t rush it, u’ll be busy one day…so enjoy ur free time…I guess I’ll wait that day…but until then, I’ll try to find more things to do….

I Love Dancing!!

Yes..dancing….I love dancing very much, I enjoy all the types of it…I consider dancing is a great way to revile your feelings and emotions. I like to think of dancing as an approach of sending messages without saying any thing. I enjoy watching couples when they dance together, the girl trying to seduce her guy, and the boy is trying to impress her, the greatest thing is going back and forth, with those looks and eye contact.

I like belly dancing in particular (cuz this is the type of dancing we really practice in the Middle East). Once, I had this dissection with a girl I knew, she was saying that she will have a classic band, to play classic music in her wedding, and there will be no dancing. As far, I had nothing to tell her, since this is her wedding, and she is totally free to do whatever she wishes…after all, it is her day. Then she added: “dancing is a stupid thing to do, it is just stupid, the moves, the way of dancing, and I believe that no one should dance unless he/ she is professional”. The truth I did not like her way in talking, I thought she was absolutely mistaken, since she missed the whole point of dancing, all creatures dance, including human being since ages…professionals, were found after practicing, and enjoying dancing for long long times…I don’t why I didn’t argue with her about that, I guess cuz I felt that she will stick to her point view…and I hate to go into arguments with ppl not ready to listen to the other point view and think about it before making their minds.

In weddings, I don’t participate in dancing, unless it’s a relative’s, a friend’s wedding. I have these perquisites and ceremonies for dancing that include dressing up, wearing make up, with hair allover shoulders and laude music playing in the background. After each party, and when I get back home, I play some music and start to dance…I can go for hours and hours…watching my hair in the mirror and imagining my couple dancing with me…lol…I guess this can be called stupidity….

Jul 10, 2007

I just love this song…

Today in my way to work, listening to one of my favorite radio channel, Sawt al ghad, they played an old song i used to hear when I was a child. The song is called “asfoor tal men el shebak”…

I love this song, for many reasons, 1st it is so Representative and touchy. It is so generic, when I was a little girl, I used to think of prisoners in Palestine, and how they suffer and long for freedom. Growing up, I realized that not only prisoners are suffering in life, many people who r living outside walls are struggling with prisons, their prisons, or prisons imposed on them, sometimes thoughts r the hardest prisons to break.

Even though this song is a sad one, but I love it, it draw this wide smile on my face…I guess cause it reminded me with childhood, Palestine (homeland), and may be it enabled me to see the whole seen where this wounded bird is struggling to survive…

It is a great way to start your day with a smile, so thanks for u sawt el ghad…and many thanks for u Omaima for this touchy…elegant voice u have.

Jul 8, 2007

Happiness absolutely has no rules!!

Yesterday I went to one of my mom relatives’ wedding. The wedding was much below average. If I’m to evaluate according to my standards, it will be a complete failure.

As start, the hall …ummmm what to say…small, hot, the chairs were..yakkee…and the hostesses were so scary. The DJ was awful, I can do a very much better work than she did in choosing and playing songs. The bride’s gown was not that pretty, she was not wearing make up( and she is not a pretty at all), her hair was not that great, the groom’s suit was ugly, with his unexplainable tie!!

So what is the important thing here? Weddings differ, and I have gone to weddings that I did not like before, so why is that that important to talk about this wedding? It is the happiness that was showing at the faces of the married couple. They were like couple of birds, enjoying heaven.

They danced freely, having arms all around, with this big un-hidden smile, singing for each other. I have been into weddings much more expensive, more organized, beautiful gowns, suits, cars, girls and guys, a better DJ, and Diffidently a better service, but I missed happiness floating in the atmosphere. All the happiness in their eyes made me truly wonder, there are no rules for happiness, it is not money, beauty, education……nothing controls it, it is rule-less …

Another question popped-up into my head, are they going to maintain their love? Are they going to have this obvious affection for ever? I wish…I really wish to revive my faith in love, and social relationships…I do really wish them Good Luck.

I lied…L

I hate to lie, I can’t lie, but I lied…and guess what, I lied at my father!!..the most honest, ideal person I know. Some times, I disagree with dad, he is about 30 years older than me, which makes it a whole generation separating between us, not to mention, life has changed, it changes every day..and unless we try to adapt with it, we’ll be so exhausted…I just give up sometimes, trying to convince dad that life has changed, and that there is nothing wrong with the things we are doing being young people trying to enjoy life, and still not violating the rules we have been raised on…..he just does not listen.

I lie sometimes. I try to hide my face, I avoid eye contact as much as I can, I struggle to hide my childish smile that will un-cover my whole lie…and then- if I’m gone with it- I have to deal with the feeling of guilt…I hate that…I just wish I’d change and become a more better liar …I mean actor….

For you dad…I’m sorry…I wish I can say it to you directly…but I guess I can’t…even though it is a very …tiny…innocent lie….

Jul 7, 2007

Yes I’m single…so what??

Only two months and I’ll turn 27…each day, I got faced with this question: “you are single!! not married!! Not engaged!!”..and my answer is: yes…yes I’m single….

It is the habit of all people to interfere with our lives, and tell us what do, how to do it, and even when to do it…..that day I was enjoying my favorite sport…swimming…a sweet little girl had a very nice conservation with me (she is 11 years old by the way), she was telling me that she is the only daughter in her family..so I told her what a good luck she has…then she asked: “do u have a daughter?” I replayed: No, “then a boy?”, I also replied: No, I don’t have any…I’m single…and here another lady jumped into the conservation…. “Is she your daughter?” I was like….for God’s sake…she is 11 years, that means had to deliver her when I was 16 …

I know it is time to find my soul mate…I really wish I do…cause I really need him in many aspects of my life…but up to now I could not find any, and he has not found me yet too(I guess I’ll talk about this later)…..but what to do?!, it is never in our hands…it is all about destiny…the problem here, if I was a guy, it would be much easer to pretend that you don’t want to get married…but when u r a female…it is never allowed to declare that u don’t want to get married…God forbidden.. you do…so questions will be all around..: “you have someone in your life?”, or even worse…: “what have you done so you don’t want to get married?” ….they are never convinced that u just did not find the person of your dreams…

Last thing to mention, is that I can not stop myself from laughing when they start the compliments: “ guys must be blind so that they can see u” ( don’t get the idea that I have this irresistible charm, I’m less than average) , or when you r at the wedding of someone.. and you get this prayer: “may God send u the sweetest guy” , in our words: “Allah eb3atlek ebn el 7alal, or even worse…Allah ya3teeke…J

Jul 3, 2007

1st time

It has been a week or more since I started to read blogs…I liked the idea…it gives u the freedom to talk and express ur feelings and ideas…even if they r so crazy or even don’t make any kind of sense…right now I don’t have any specific idea to talk about..a very strange thing is that we u start to read all the ideas just vanish from ur head…I guess in the coming days I’ll be writing my ideas once they pop-up in my head…