Mar 12, 2008

Uniform gets into me!!

I have this weakness point toward guys in uniform!! I like their looks, and don't know I guess the uniform gives them a charismatic look and a very respectful appearance.
When talking about uniform, I generally mean the people in the force: police, army, sometimes doctors, but above all pilots.
I remember that I was so amazed by a movie: "Catch me if you can", Leo was more than great, I loved him, I loved his intelligence, his way in manipulating others, and most of all, his look in the pilot suit. I have to admit that I like this actor, but I liked him even more when he played that role.
The truth is that I like to see people wearing uniform, for example, I can't think of stewardess wearing different thing from her coworker, it is a very good indication of the lake of professionalism. Yes I think of uniform as a way to show how professional you are. Up to now the only uniform I had to wear was the school uniform, and I recall that I did not like it at that time. The strange thing is that even though I like uniform on others, I think I'm not that ready to wear it each day and go to work!!
The bottom line here is…when I see a pilot, policeman, or a lady wearing army uniform .. it makes my day!! Yesterday was one of the good days…

P.S: as I do sometimes, almost a year ago, I had chosen randomly a day and specified that it is going to be a big day. I don't why I do that, but I do. Starting the early morning, I prepared myself for a good thing to happen, and I decided to have a very nice day whatever happens. Nothing unusual happened, but I succeeded in having a nice, cheerful day. I guess the good thing about yesterday was the lesson that I used to believe in, it has been revived with a stronger believes that you decide and control how you live life, by choosing the perspective from which you look at things. A lesson that helped me in choosing to have another big day.. nice week.. cheerful month.. and even a superior life!!